Who are we?


Mixed Foundations (MF) are a non profit organisation specialising in counselling and mentoring for all ethic groups. In addition to this, MF also offer  a unique program for mixed race clients that address issues of Identitiy.


MF work with some of the most vulnerable disadvantaged children and young people that are effected by relative poverty and present with an array of complex issues. These young people are in need of  support, guidance, education confidence building and therapy.

Tailored to you.

Our core staff members are qualified person centred counsellors, substance misuse practitioners, mentors and teachers who have a collective experience of over 20 years working with young people and vunerable adults with issues of substance misuse, offending behaviour and trauma.



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Click to veiw our promotional video featuring our work and members of our team. This video encompasses the purpose of Mixed Foundations and gives a breif history of it's co-founders, Gladstone Hibbert and Simon Morley, and why they chose to set up such a unique organisation...

Our promo video.