Who are we?


Mixed Foundations (MF) is a peer led, non profit organisation that offers innovative specialist interventions including therapeutic  counselling, mentoring, motivational and education sessions.


The young people who work with MF often report that they are willing to engage, because they get a sense that the workers actually care and understand the place where they are coming from.






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MF manages to successfully engage with some of the most hard to reach, disadvantaged individuals that are effected by relative poverty and present with an array of complex issues.  As staff have a wealth of professional qualifications and real life experiences.


Staff are aware and understand the real issues of the inner city, and are able to communicate with young people on their level with empathetic understanding and address the socio cultural problem of mismatch of worker to young person.


What we do


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MF is a buy-in service offering bespoke intervention packages tailored to the individuals needs, which is determined at referral stage.


A referral form is available on request

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